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    One of the most popular tourism region in central Ukraine, on the verge of lisostep and Polisya, on steep banks of the tributaries of Dnipro River - Teteriv and Kamyanka rivers, more than 11 centuries old Ukrainian city ​​with a strange and unique name that inspired two most valuade concepts in Ukraine: zhyto "rye" and myr "peace." This is - Zhytomyr! Tourism in Zhytomyr city, which is the center of Zhytomyr region, belongs to the most ancient historical and cultural routes of Ukraine. Population in Zhytomyr reaches almost 310 000 people and territory - 6500 hectares. Zhytomyr, as a center of tourism, plays an important economic, scientific and cultural role in the whole Polissya region. Since the Middle Ages  and till today Zhytomyr was and is the administrative center of the region, and in 1918 here a few weeks the government of the Ukrainian National Republic was located here.
     The unique natural landscape where of Zhytomyr, provides unique tourism possibilities in Zhytomyr. Extremely good for tourism in Zhytomyr is its geographical position - almost all sides Zhytomyr is surrounded by ancient woodlands, through the city flew rivers: Teteriv, Yaroshenka, Putyatynka, Kamyanka Poliova and Kamyanka Lisova. There are many parks, squares in Zhytomyr, that is extremely interesting for tourism. On the western outskirts, on the banks of Teterivske reservoir stretches an excellent hydro-park - the pearl of tourism in Zhytomyr and Ukraine as a whole. Sanatoriums, for recreational tourism needs of Ukraine, are located in Zhytomyr and suburban forest park area
      Zhytomyr was founded in 884. For those who are interested in tourism in Zhytomyr, it will be interesting that according to legend, the city received its name on behalf of the druzhinnik  of Kyev kniaziv Askold and Dyr - who allegedly had refused to serve the kniaz’ enemies, hid in the forests and settled on a rock at the confluence of the Kamyanka and Teteriv rivers. According to another legend, which is not less interesting for tourists in Zhytomyr, the local residents anciently traded bread and live peacefully. There is evidence that even in old times in the downtown the rye and barley was sown, the grain mills stood. In Ukraine about Zhytomyr was said: "Peace and rye," "Peace Zhytychiv”. Another variant of origin of the name of Zhytomyr - a shortened form of "zhyvotomyr" - a symbol of peaceful and quiet life.

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