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    Of all the cities of Ukraine Vinnytsia is the most amusing and yet mysterious cities for tourism. Vinnytsia -the Pearl of Podillya, the glory of Podillya region, a picturesque tourist destination, a park-city. That's not all you can say about the Vinnytsia city, which lies along the steep banks of the Buh River.
Vinnytsia is very favorable for tourism, this picturesque Podillya town lies in Southern Bug river. Vinnytsia’s historical roots reaches far into the past, providing a great interest for tourism in Vinnytsia. The first written mention in Ukraine about Vinnytsia dates to the mid XIV century. Many trials had fallen by this time on the fate of Vinnytsia, the city survived Tatars raiding, burned in the fire of internecine wars in the Lithuanian Principality, took part in the wave of revolts in Ukraine. 
Vinnitsa Ukraine Vinnitsa Ukraine
   Vinnytsia has a number of places and architectural monuments that create excellent conditions for tourism. Vinnytsia regional museum contains materials about the history of the city and its region of Ukraine. Vinnytsia Art Museum is a popular destination for tourism, constantly encouraging visitors to visit an exhibition of works by new artists.
Unique and perhaps the most ancient Vinnytsia’s landmark, which plays an important role in tourism, is called "Walls" - the remains of the medieval complex of protective structures for the Jesuit and Dominican monasteries. The College buildings were surrounded by large walls with towers and arrowslits.
   Not less interesting for tourism in Vinnytsia is a wooden miracle from the beginning of XVIII century - the St. Nicholas  (1746) and St. George (1726) Churches, the complex of monastic buildings of the XVII-XVIII centuries, places of worship from the XVI-XIX centuries, preserved to the present days and would impress any tourist.
Vinnitsa tourism Vinnitsa tourism

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