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   What first struck in Uzhgorod photos is its number of magnolias and Japanese cherry trees.
   It is interesting to see pictures of Cyril and Methodius church. Pride and glory of Uzhgorod is its - linden alley - the longest in the world (it is- 2, 3 km long). The river Uzh divides the city in two parts, it flows to Laburec and then - in river Tisa. As can be seen in the photos of Uzhgorod the residents are dressed very fashionable: this may be due to its location close to the border. Personally Uzhgorod surprises by number of graffiti and drawings on the walls. In the photo you can see Korza Street, where the famous coffee house "Medolin”, which for over sixty years makes the highest quality coffee.
Uzhgorod photos Uzhgorod photos
    In the centre of the People's Square Transcarpathian Regional State Administration and Regional Council are located, built in the style of constructivism. In photos from Uzhgorod you can see that the patio is decorated with red marble.
    Fascinating in Uzhhorod is the Cathedral which was built as a Catholic church in 1646. It combines several architectural styles: the bells - a vivid example of Renaissance style, plafon painting and iconostasis – baroque style, the photos of this place show a Greek architecture - a model of the classics. Smotrytsky Library is located in the church, one of the first books of  which was 16 century Ostrog Bible.
   However, the most prominent landmark, which appears on each photo is Uzhgorod Castle. Height of walls - up to ten meters, about three feet wide, the massiveness of the buildings can be seen even in the photo. From the four sides bastions are placed, from three remaining sides – ditches now without water. The Castlen is built in the Renaissance style. At Uzhgorod photos showing the castle is evident that it has symmetrical shape, having a square gray walls made of stones of volcanic origin. The photo represent the coat of arms of Uzhhorod - the vine, which is above the entrance to the castle.
    In the inner yard, as is noticeable in the photo of  Uzhhorod castle are some sculptures, in 1658 Hercules’ stone sculpture was carved, which portrays his feat with three –head water snake. On the left in the castle you can see a church built in Gothic and Baroque styles – a restored version of the sanctuary, it is were in 1640 the union was signed.
 Uzhgorod pictures Uzhgorod pictures 

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