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   Times change, people change and countries change. Like most countries, Ukraine also varies with time, that’s why many people are interested in how does Ukraine look like and what happens there. 

    To discover about the current state of Ukraine you can follow the latest news in Ukraine. You can notice significant progress in economic and cultural development. Ukraine becomes more open and interesting for foreigners who plan to come to Ukraine and to see for themselves what has changed since Ukraine had gained independence, how does it look like and what is Ukraine today.
For tourists who wish to visit Ukraine the most important question is where they can get a visa to Ukraine. Like most countries, Ukraine maintains diplomatic relations with each country, and the Embassy of Ukraine is located in more than a hundred countries.
Ukraine today Ukraine today
   To obtain a visa to Ukraine you just need to contact the Embassy of Ukraine in your country.  Assistants at the Embassy of Ukraine will be glad to help you obtain a visa, providing you with all necessary information and support. Ukraine is an important member of the international community and actively supports the desire of citizens of other countries to visit Ukraine.

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