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     Ternopil – is a city in western Ukraine, political, administrative, economic and cultural center in Ternopil region, and the famous tourism center. Ternopil is a great city of historical region Galicia and also the fourth largest city in Western Ukraine. Ternopil is located on the river Seret. A positive factor for tourism development in Ternopil is its successful location. City        Ternopil is at the center of western Ukraine, it has important cross roads and railways of Ukraine.

City Ternopil Ukraine City Ternopil Ukraine
     Ternopil –a cradle of many generations, Ternopil is inextricably linked with those who were born here and are interested in tourism in Ternopil.
    Ternopil was destined to grow at the intersection of many roads in Ukraine, which were tread not only by friends but also enemies. Ternopil city was not once totally devastated, again raised from the ruins, for by right to be called the capital of Galician Podilia.
    Here before us unrivaled center of tourism, picturesque old city Ternopil - now one of the administrative, economic and cultural centers of the region within the Ukrainian state. From which side you would come here, what kind of tourism you wolld choose in Ternopil, new multi-residential and industrial buildings, cute and neat houses with quiet streets, adorned with the variety of elegant bushes and fruit trees, gentle islands of squares, shady parks and beautiful lake will meet you in Ternopil. Tourism in Ternopil through these picturesque places is a journey into this tale. As tourism in Ternopil fit perfectly, like precious diamonds, unhurt architectural buildings of past periods of Ukraine.
   Churches in Ternopil, like guards of eternity, preserve the past and present, reveal the future to the people. In this feverish stream Ternopil became an economic and spiritual center of Western Ukraine, as well as a popular tourist destination. Ternopil cross rail and highway routes that connect Ukraine with Western Europe. Over the past decade in Ternopil tourism infrastructure has been developed, the city is acquiring new features, which is rebuilding in the trade area.
Ternopil tourism Ternopil tourism

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Code Name of the tour Quantity of nigths Route Price
In the Carpathian Highlands 3
Magic world of Dnister area (Podnistrovya) 3
Weekend tour around Ternopil region «Caves and Waterfalls“ 2
Carpathian kaleidoscope 5
Magic of the carpathian mountains 7
Weekend in Kamenets-Podolski part 2 4
Weekend in Kamenets-Podolski part 1 4
Ukrainian culture and traditions 4
7 Wonders Of Ukraine part 2 15
7 Wonders Of Ukraine part 1 14

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