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 Sumy – is one of the most interesting cities for tourism in Ukraine. The River Psel flows through the city, also there are many lakes and ponds inside the city. Besides, three rivers encountered there (Sumka, Suma and Psel). Not less interesting for tourism in Sumy is the street with the folk name “Hundred” that comes from the words hundred meters (or in honor to Cossack’s hundred, the street is very short, but is the favorite place for the city quests, who come here not only from all Ukraine but also abroad. 

City Sumy Ukraine City Sumy Ukraine
The Sightseeing of city Sumy is rather interesting for tourism:
- Svyato-Voskresenskyi Cathedral (1702), located in Sumy, in the Square of Independence, - it is interesting for tourism in Sumy as oldest stone building in the city.
- Well-known in all Ukraine Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi Cathedral with its belfry (1776-88), it combines the elements of Renaissance. Baroque and Classicism. Iconostasis is made of white marble and malachite; there are a lot of artistic works on biblical themes.
- Not less interesting for tourism of Sumy is Illinska Church (1851) – the monument in classical style with elements of eclecticism.
- Troyitskiy Cathedral (1901-44) – is the brightest temple in Sumy, is similar to Isaakiyevskyi Cathedral in Saint Petersburg that always attracts quests’ attention in Sumy.
- Arbor (1905), is located in the Red Square and is a hallmark of Sumy, it was built on the site of the well, which was bored in case to search the oil.
- House with caryatids also is the popular place for tourism in Sumy. This house is the former country building of city council, nowadays – is the Local History Museum.
- Chekhov Museum – Reserve (the XVIII-XIX centuries) – is unique architectural complex of aristocratic estates of Lytvynovy Luka, in the western wing of it lived writer A.Chekhov in 1888-89 years.
- The Art Museum named after N. Onatskyi in Sumy, founded in 1920 year, based on the nationalization of private collections. There are Ukrainian portraits, works, antique Persian rugs and French tapestries, porcelain collection of the XVII-XIX centuries, etc.
Sumy tourism Sumy tourism
If you want to know more about the tourism in Sumy, we advise you to visit one of the tours, which can be organized by our company Bee Travel. For example, one of them is walking tour “Stone chronicle of Sumy”, it is held in the central part of the city, the tour “In the World of Beauty” shows to quests the cultural objects of Sumy. Also tours are held in Spaso-Preobrazhenskyi and Troyitskyi Cathedrals, in children’s park “Fairytale”, you can order the tour through the city park or the dendropark Asmalova. Bus tours cover almost all the attractions of Sumy.

Please contact us directly for the exact costs as all depends on the dates, hotels, guide's availibility etc... Thank you.

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