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Water Park – is the biggest opened water park in all the Union of Independent States.
Not less interesting tour to Sevastopol is the tour to druidic standing stone. Sevastopol menhirs – vertically placed boulders as if obelisks, it is one of the most famous monuments maden by the primitives.
Cave Cities: Manhul-Kale and Eski-Kermen are situated in the mountain part of Crimea near Sevastopol. These are remains of the cities, fortress, and monasteries. Except for terrestrial buildings , there are many artificial caves, carved into the rock. Every city has its own history, its own fate.
The Fortress of Kalamit is placed in Inkeman. No tour, which misses this ancient monument. High above the road, on a rock plateau Monastyrska is well seen the remains of the ancient fortresses and at the bottom of the rock every can see the remains of the Christian cave monastery.
Genoese fortress Chembalo. In the middle of the XIV century in the Bay of Symbols the Genoa was settled. Their fortress is placed on the castle walls, that are placed above the entrance to Balaklava bay. In 1475 Chembalo was captured by Turks and gave a new name to it Balak-Yuve (Balaklava). The translation of “Balak-Yuve” means “fish nest”. This fortress is also famous for the history, when the overthrown Tatar khans from Bakhchysaray were exiled here.
Khersoness Bell, for a long time it was hanged in Notre-Dame de Paris.
The Bathhouse, where the Prince Volodymyr was christened.
Khersoness St.Volodymyr Cathedral. The temple was erected to remember the christening in 918.
Vladimirsky Cathedral. The burial of the admirals. The tour to Sevastopol, exactly to this place will leave a lot of unforgettable memories and amusing experience.
Inkerman ST. Klymentovskyy Monastery. Cave monastery.
The Rock Cross. On this rock the Greek sailors were escaped. St. Martyr George saved them from the imminent death. When the saved sailors climbed to the rock, on the top of it they brought it to the beach in the rock breakage and arranged the Church there.
A lot of Sevastopol tours stopped near the Malakhov barrow, where more than 20 monuments and memorial sign are located.
The factory which repairs the submarines in Balaklava. 
Sevastopol tours Sevastopol tours
Sevastopol tour Sevastopol tour

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