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    Sevastopol – is Ukrainian city, which is located on the Black Sea Crimean Peninsula. Sevastopol is rather popular center of the tourism thanks to its advantageous placement and old history of the city. Sevastopol was founded by Russian Empress Catherina II in 1783, as a fortress and later on as a port. Nowadays Sevastopol is one of the biggest non-freezing seas commercial fishing ports in Ukraine, industrial, scientific and technical, recreational and historical center of Crimea. Extremely popular is the tourism for the purpose of recreation, as the duration of the swimming season is unmatched in the Crimea – it has good conditions for adults 144 days and for children 100 days, from the end of May till the 20th of October it is almost without storms and almost without temperature reduction. Sevastopol is famous by its ample opportunities of improvement of health and active tourism in Ukraine.

City Sevastopol Ukraine City Sevastopol Ukraine
    The most interesting in Sevastopol is that the south coast beaches (from Cape Sarych to Cape Fiolent) – are mainly gravel. The western coast beaches of Sevastopol, starting from the Cape Constantine in the North side, - are sandy or sand and gravel. They stretch to the Cape Tarkhankutu, located in the North of  Evpatoria. The significant part of this coast is in the city – 24km. Good conditions for recreation in Sevastopol are set by the location of these beaches: Sunny, Crystal, Sand, the beach situated in the territory of Chersonese, the beach in the Victory Park, “Omega”. The best beaches are the beaches in the Victory Park or Chersonese.
Sevastopol tourism Sevastopol tourism
    For lovers of calm and peaceful tourism we can advise you “wild” beaches in Sevastopol. Though, the recent years these beaches became of a great popularity despite the fact that it takes a long time to get there. Sevastopol – is the huge center of tourism. This is the city of military glory; this is the land of the fishermen and ships, where the modern technologies and ancient traditions are combined. Finally, it is perfect sea resort in Ukraine, which has unmatched combination of climatic factors.

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