Magic world of Dnister area (Podnistrovya)


Combined rafting trip on catamarans along the river Dniester.
 (The program includes activities on water, as well as the excursions on foot around the area).
We suggest an extremely exciting trip to the world of unique Ukrainian nature. In the natural area of the Dniester River canyon it is more than possible to feel another world. If you take part in this particular tour, it will trace you back to the earlier centuries, because we will be looking deeper at the cleavage of the geological layers in the Dniester River canyon while rafting on the tourist catamarans. Some landscapes resemble Biblical descriptions of Heaven and instead of looking at it in the pictures you can see it here with your own eyes. 
 The itinerary  is not technically complicated, as well as no special training is needed. That is why we recommend this trip for people of different categories. 
3 days program.
Day 1:
Welcome meeting of the group at the railway or bus station (in case of an arrangement in advance). Trip to the river Dniester. Trip to Buchach historical-architectural complex. On our way to the first destination point we see ruins in Zolotyy Potik. Arrival at the village Monastyrok.
Acquaintance with the guides and instructors. 
Short training for essential skills of rafting. 
Start of the trip along the river. 
We will visit a hidden cave which is like a paradise in the forest. You can get there only going through the small waterfall, where drops of water fall down along the sick layer of moss. Rafting along the river Dniester up to the village of Hubyn where we make a scheduled stop to put up the tents for camping.
Dinner, rest at the fire.
Day 2:
Breakfast. Continuation of the trip along the river. While rafting we observe beautiful landscapes of the Dniester River canyon, looking at the cleavage of the geological layers and red and grey Devonian sandstones.
We continue rafting.  In the area of the village Lytyachi  surrounded by beautiful nature we make a stop to put up the tents for camping.
Dinner, rest at the fire.
Day 3.
Continuation of the rafting part of the trip up to the village Ustechko, which is the last point of the adventure.
Trip to the annalistic area of Chervonohorod, where in the deep canyon we will see the biggest and the best waterfall in the area of ethnical region of Podillya. The waterfall is situated on the river Dzhuryn and is 16 meters high.  Trip to Ternopil.
• Transportation service according to the itinerary;
• Use of special equipment;
• Organizational services.
• Cook services, 3 meals a day (if agreed in advance).
The organizers have right to make small general changes or to adjust the program in case of bad weather conditions. 
— tents, mattresses,   sleeping bags if needed.
Travel costs (per person): from     UAH

Please contact us directly for the exact costs as all depends on the dates, hotels, guide's availibility etc... Thank you.

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