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   Poltava is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities of Ukraine, full of historical and cultural sights, that’s why tourism in Poltava is so popular.  Tourism in Poltava begins with its historical part located in a city center, where the largest Poltava park is located – an incredible 350m diameter round garden. This park is the favorite place of rest for townsmen and tourists, and one of the remarkable tourism sightseeings. 
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   The second interesting sightseeing that attracts tourists’ attention is an unusual building with entrance decorated with two mysterious firebirds – in former times it was a land-bank, and now it’s a Poltava region Security Service of Ukraine administration. Gogol Theater and beautiful building of local history museum are also interesting Poltava sightseeings.
   One more remarkable place for tourism in Poltava is a Petrovsky Park, where you can have a rest from city bustle, and a complex of the city monuments known as Ivan Hill. Here on the Ivan Hill you’ll find famous Halushka Monument and beautiful White rotunda with fantastic view of Poltava.
Poltava tourism Poltava tourism
   Cathedral Square in Poltava, restores Assumption Cathedral, museum of remarkable Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotlyarevsky attract tourists from all over the world.  National Park “Poltava Battle Field” is also very important element of tourism in Poltava with a historical museum of Poltava battle.

   For lovers of nature tourism in Poltava is attractive because of beautiful dendrological park with more than 170 species of trees and shrubs and general area more than 140 hectares. 

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