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   Odessa is a regional centre, a beautiful seaport on the north-western coast of the Black Sea, a capital of humor and one of the largest tourism centers in Ukraine. Odessa is one of the largest cities of Ukraine. Odessa differs from other Ukrainian cities with a peculiar and unique charm. Thanks to fantastic atmosphere Odessa attracts tourists from all over the world – tourism in Odessa attracts visitors with both ancient past and beautiful present of this southern city.

Odessa Ukraine Odessa Ukraine
    In 1994 Odessa had celebrated its 200th anniversary, so it’s very young city. Formerly it was an ancient Greek settlement, then it was a refuge of Crimean Tatars,  then Ottomans had founded the Hadzhibey fortress  which was captured by Russian troops in 1789. Rumor has that the first mayor of Odessa, the Duke de Richelieu who served Russia but was raise in France, decided to build a city that would be more beautiful than Paris. From the very beginning Odessa was famous for it’s beauty, cultural traditions and fascinating architecture which attracted tourists like a magnet. Residents of Odessa are proud of the fact that many famous Ukrainian artists, scientists and writers were born in Odessa. 
Odessa tourism Odessa tourism
   Tourism in Odessa is probably the most popular in comparison with other cities of Ukraine. Thousands of tourists visit Odessa each year. Tourism in Odessa attracts with hundreds of sightseeings: Boulevard, Potemkin (Seaside) Stairs, seaport building, beautiful sunny beaches and gorgeous architecture of the old city. Tourism in Odessa is not limited to daytime entertainments. Night life in Odessa opens doors to a fun and carefree life.  Each night Odessa restaurants, bars and night clubs attract young people with leisure entertainments.
Summer tourism in Odessa is the most popular and provides amazing opportunities for unforgettable holidays.

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