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Among different Ukrainian cities Nikolayev stands out by its special beauty, which helps to develop tourism in this city. There are a lot of attractive and interesting for tourism places.
For example, Nikolayev State Russian Drama Theatre – is one of the most ancient art-collectives in Ukraine, the first Russian theatre that appeared in republic after the October Revolution. It was founded in 1934. The building of the theater was built in 1881 and now it is one of the architectural monuments. Not less interesting is Nikolayev Zoo, founded in 1901. In 1977 it was moved to a new territory, where it covers an area of 23 ha. In the collection of the zoo there are over than 350 species of animals, many of them are listed in the Red Book. Nikolayev Zoo was admitted as the best in Ukraine.
City Nikolayev Ukraine City Nikolayev Ukraine
For those, who love to visit museums, there is an interesting program. Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleetis located in the former house of the Black Sea Fleet commander. Its exposition tells us about the development of the city as the city of shipbuilding, about the glorious pages of the past and about present-day life of the ships.
Local History Museum is very informative for Nikolayev tourism. There you can find the most interesting materials on the history of the land. The things, which were found in Olbia and in other North part of the Black Sea Coast, are the adornment not only of Nikolayev Museum but also they decorate other Ukrainian museums.
Museum of the clandestine guerrilla movement for a long time attracts the tourists. This exposition tells about the militant history of Nikolayev.
Nikolayev tourism Nikolayev tourism
Art museum called after Vereshchahin is an attractive place for those, who love and value art. It is placed in the former house of the outstanding artist. Exhibition Hall of the Ukrainian Culture Fund in Nikolayev attracts by the works of local artists and sculptors. The Exhibition Hall of the Ukrainian Culture Fund in Nikolayev – is the real pearl of the creative world in this city.

The Exhibition Hall “Narym” is located in the city center; it attracts the tourists by its exhibitions, which meet the world standards. The conferences and exhibition sales are held there. Also in Nikolayev you can find “Discovery Club” and club of the underwater search “Sadko”. 

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