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    Lviv as a popular tourist destination - a great European city, an integral and crucial component of the image of modern Ukraine.

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Being a part of Galicia and a real Mecca for tourism, the city of Lviv in Ukraine had considerable historical path of development, having had terrible shocks repeatedly. The external face of the city, developed tourism, living space, numerical and national composition, occupation and culture of its inhabitants were changed not only over the centuries, but also due to historical changes that have occurred over more than 750-year existence of the city. From the mid of XIII century Lemberg was an important political, cultural and economic center of Ukraine, and now it is also a prominent tourist destination. Unlike other capitals of his time, Lviv always kept its prominent role in Ukraine over eight centuries, regardless to which state or empire it belonged. Leopolis remains the same to today - the center of culture, spirituality and tourism in Ukraine.


   Modern Lviv - a great cultural, scientific, industrial center of Ukraine and the city whith actively developing tourism. Due to its advantageous geographical location, preserved traditions, intellectual potential and developed tourism Lemberg has good prospects for development of culture, science, tourism and trade in Ukraine. Located near the border of Ukraine and the European Union, the city of Lviv is an ideal place to meet with colleagues from other European countries, this is the reason why business and recreation tourism is very good developed in Leopolis.
city lviv lviv ukraine
   Special attention to the city attracts architectural heritage, old buildings that breathe history, narrow streets and eternal temples, cafes that smell good coffee and sunlit areas - all this creates additional interest in tourism in the city of Lviv. Please note that the ensemble of the historical center of the city is included in UNESCO World Heritage List.
   However, Lviv due to its geographical location in Ukraine and historical tradition should play an important role in the relationships of Central and Eastern Europe, its cozy cafes and restaurants are an excellent base for informal meetings, exchanging views and experiences and of course for the tourism in Lemberg.
city lviv lviv ukraine

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City Lviv, Lviv Ukraine, Lviv tourism

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