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   Each part of Kyiv – has its story from the distant past and present, events that drew attention during the tour around Kyiv. Streets and squares of the city on which the tours take place in Kyiv, have witnessed many happy and sad, and sometimes tragic moments. Mentioning some of them triger a number of symbols and images associated with a particular place or event. For example, Andriyivskyy Descent, which is in practically all tours in Kyiv, has been associated with ancient paving and bright gift shops, and the Maidan from recent times recalls the orange flags. Some locations became symbols of Kyiv, one of which is undoubtedly Khreshchatyk - the main city street, praised in poems and songs.

Kyiv tours Kyiv tours
    Symbolic to the tour in Kyiv are numerous monuments and buildings, which became the capital’s card. The monument of Bogdan Khmelnitsky at St. Sophia Square in the upper city or Peter House at Podol, Founder of the city at Naberegna Street or Mother-Motherland on the hills - variety of places and sights is impressive and captures many of the tour participants in Kyiv. All of this - the face of Kyiv, unique city, not like the others, dear to kyivlians and tourists, who participate in compelling tours in Kyiv.
    According to known data, the age of Kyiv more than fifteen hundred years and during that time the city was able to encompass thousands of legends, myths and just eventful places that attract visitors and tour participants in Kyiv. Theyare not easily seen and they do not often are shown during ordinary tour to Kyiv, so we would show you those places:
Monument to a Nose
The oldest linden in Kyiv and the tree of happiness
Monument with surprise
Landscape walkway
Headless monument of Princess Olga
Monument of cat Panteleimon
    Kyiv has lots of unusual monuments to visit – tere are monuments of chairs, embraced lanterns, the statue of hedgehog in the fog, the monument of Lone Mother near the central Civil registry and so on.
Kyiv tour Kyiv tour

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Code Name of the tour Quantity of nigths Route Price
In the Carpathian Highlands 3
Magic world of Dnister area (Podnistrovya) 3
Weekend tour around Ternopil region «Caves and Waterfalls“ 2
Carpathian kaleidoscope 5
Magic of the carpathian mountains 7
Weekend in Kamenets-Podolski part 2 4
Weekend in Kamenets-Podolski part 1 4
Ukrainian culture and traditions 4
7 Wonders Of Ukraine part 2 15
7 Wonders Of Ukraine part 1 14

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