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    There are many tours in Kyiv. Knowledgeable guide, with whom you should travel around Kyiv can show you such places at Podol or Pechers’k, which you yourself would hardly find even with a help of map. We offer to travel in Kyiv on tested and reliable tours.
    First you should visit the central square of Kyiv – Maidan of Independence. Till the end of X century there were forest shrubs. At the territory of modern Independence Square in the XVIII century Pechers’ki stone gates were built that stood there until 1833.
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    The next place, which is worth visiting in Kyiv, is the Golden Gate, built by Yaroslav the Wise in 1164 - the symbol of Kyiv, the famous monument of the era of becoming the very first Slavic state – Kyivs’ka Rus’, and one of the oldest examples of architecture and fortification techniques, which survived to our days. It is impossible to visit Kyiv and not go there.
     House with Chimeras - one of the most fascinating places in Kyiv, which all the guests. Want to visit It was the house of architect V. Gorodetsky (Bankova street, 10) built in 1901-1902. Among all buildings constructed during this period in Kyiv, Gorodetsky house is the most famous, attracting everyone, who travels to Kyiv. This building is known as a "House with Chimeras" covered with many legends, was only a kind of advertisement featuring new and modern building material - cement.
    St. Andrew's Church is another colorful place to visit in Kyiv, which believers and all guests, who are interested in Kyiv long history, try to visit. The Church was laid by the Empress Elizabeth in 1744, as a gratitude to fate, which gave her Ukrainian boy Olexa Rozum, who later became her husband and Count Razumovsky. The church was built in 1753 designed by V. Rastrelli.
    Important evidence of the hard fate of Kyiv is the Museum of the Great Patriotic War a visit to this museum will be memorable to all tourists. The museum is a memorial complex, which is located on the picturesque slopes on the right bank of the Dnipro river in Pechers’k, a historical district of the city, you can be there for hours. Kyiv Museum of WWII opened at the current location in the Victory Day May 9, 1981 by Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, the head of the Soviet Union in those days.
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Code Name of the tour Quantity of nigths Route Price
In the Carpathian Highlands 3
Magic world of Dnister area (Podnistrovya) 3
Weekend tour around Ternopil region «Caves and Waterfalls“ 2
Carpathian kaleidoscope 5
Magic of the carpathian mountains 7
Weekend in Kamenets-Podolski part 2 4
Weekend in Kamenets-Podolski part 1 4
Ukrainian culture and traditions 4
7 Wonders Of Ukraine part 2 15
7 Wonders Of Ukraine part 1 14

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