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   Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine, one of the largest and oldest cities in Europe and a popular tourist destination in Ukraine. Kyiv is located in the middle of the Dniepro River and is political, socio-economic and center for scholars of the country. Due to its historical importance as the center of the state of Kyivs’ka Rus’ from IX till XII century Kyiv to this days is called "Mother of all Rus’ cities”.
Kyiv ukraine Kyiv ukraine
   Today in Ukraine questions conserning the foundation of Kyiv as the biggest center of tourism in Ukraine remains highly controversial because the versions of the formation of the city are contradictory, however, history of Kyiv is riveting for tourists in Ukraine. Officially, referring to the records, it is considered that the origins of Kyiv as a city are at Starokyivskyi Hill, in those times known simply as "The Hill" or upper city, and now this place is the first and most fascinating item on tourist tours in Kyiv. Meanwhile, archaeological excavations and researches gave a reason to believe that Kyiv began to grow and develop from Podol. Whatever it was, these two parts of Kyiv can certainly be called the oldest parts of modern Kyiv.
   The third historical and tourist destination in Kyiv considered to be Pechers’k, part of which was founded by monks in 11 century. In the old days in Ukraine the followingwas said about Kyiv: "The hill rules, the Podil works, the Pechers’k prays" which demonstrated the type of activity of the inhabitants of those areas and their belonging to certain communities.
    To your attention a list of main Kyiv attractions is provided, those are the most popular places for tourism in Kyiv. If the given information about tourism in Kyiv is not enough for you, please contact us by any convenient method and we will provide you with more interesting information.
     Volodymyrsky Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace, Monument to Prince Volodymyr, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kyevo-Pechers’ka Lavra, Former Institute for Noble Maidens, The monument to Bogdan Khmelnytsky, Golden Gate, National Philharmonic, St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, "House with Chimeras", Klovsky Palace, St. Andrew's Church, National Bank of Ukraine, The building of the Presidential Administration, Babyn Yar, Church of the Tithes or Church of the Dormition of the Virgin, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA), Andriyivskyy Descent, Volodymyrivskyi Hill, Former first gymnasium, Florivskyy Monastery, "Castle of Richard the Lion-Heart”, Opera house, “House of weeping widow", Contract House, Chocolate House, Fountain Samson, The statue of Pronia and Svyryd
Kyiv tourism Kyiv tourism

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Code Name of the tour Quantity of nigths Route Price
In the Carpathian Highlands 3
Magic world of Dnister area (Podnistrovya) 3
Weekend tour around Ternopil region «Caves and Waterfalls“ 2
Carpathian kaleidoscope 5
Magic of the carpathian mountains 7
Weekend in Kamenets-Podolski part 2 4
Weekend in Kamenets-Podolski part 1 4
Ukrainian culture and traditions 4
7 Wonders Of Ukraine part 2 15
7 Wonders Of Ukraine part 1 14

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