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One of the interesting and ambiguous centers of tourism in Ukraine is Kirovograd. For those, who are interested in Kirovograd tourism, it will be interesting to get to know that the present day Kirovograd – is an important industrial and cultural center in Ukraine. Mining industry and engendering is the industrial base in Kirovograd, moreover the engineering is agricultural. Light and food industries are also presented in Kirovograd. In spite of industrial orientation if the city Kirovograd, tourism is rather developed there.
City Kirovograd Ukraine City Kirovograd Ukraine
One more important field in Kirovograd is science. There are three universities – Pedagogical University named after Vynnychenko, Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Higher Flight Academy; 6 secondary specials schools, 7 vocational schools, also 2 theatres, and 3 cinemas, Local History and Art Museum, Philharmonic etc. Network of sport establishments is also well developed in Kirovograd. The interesting monuments of this city attract a lot of guests. Kirovograd is rich for sightseeing. Almost all of them where built in the end of the XIX – beginning of the XX centuries. The names of its architects preserved and are described in many sources. But, also, there are a lot of monuments and buildings by unknown architects, which deserve less glory and attention for tourism in Kirovograd.
Kirovograd tourism Kirovograd tourism
For example, one of the attractive places in Kirovograd is the Park of Victory or Local Garden, which have exists 200 years already. It is located along the Suhokleta River and water reservoir in Kirovograd.

Actually, Kirovograd is very beautiful city in Ukraine, which can propose very interesting and rich program. Tour agency Bee Travel will help you to organize the tour to Kirovograd, will choose the most interesting program of staying in one of the largest industrial and cultural center of Ukraine. 

Please contact us directly for the exact costs as all depends on the dates, hotels, guide's availibility etc... Thank you.

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