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  City Khmelnytsky - an outstanding center for tourism in Ukraine and regional center in the Podolsk region of Ukraine. In Ukraine, the first settlements on the territory of Khmelnytsky appeared in the fourth millennium BC. In the thirteenth century there was Ploskyriv village, which was documented in 1493. This date is considered a "Happy Birthday" to Khmelnytsky, which history is important for tourism development in this city. Until 1954 the city was called Proskuriv and then received its present name in honor of the famous Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.
   Khmelnytsky - big city of Ukraine (254.4 thousand people), regional and district center, famous tourist destination, situated on the shores of the Southern Bug. Probably the first settlements on the territory of modern Ukraine appeared after 1434 when the land was occupied by Poland. They pick a place on the right bank of the river Bug, surrounded from other sides by Ploska river and marshes. Around the village was dugged a ditch, which together with the name of the river formed the original name of guard signal point – Ploskurov, which was first mentioned in the documents in 1493, in the XVIII century transformed into Proskuriv. 
   Khmelnytsky – a regional center of Ukraine, aged 579 years, thanks to the ancient and interesting history of Khmelnytsky tourism in this region attracts thousands of visitors each year. Khmelnytsky is a major business center of Ukraine, as well as a popular region for tourism. Economy in Khmelnytsky has strong agricultural and industrial base and the region has huge natural resources. Khmelnytsky is easily accessible from major cities of Ukraine, CIS and Eastern Europe. Also Khmelnytsky is a "gateway" between East and West, providing development of economy and tourism in the region. Khmelnytsky region has not only convenient railway ties with Moscow, Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Budapest and Belgrade, which promotes tourism in  Khmelnytsky and also airport with runway at 2.200 meters, favorable conditions for tourists from all over the world.

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