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    If you have decided to travel to Ukrainian cities, the first place to go, where we advise you to travel is Kharkiv. The monuments of Kharkiv are very interesting for the field of tourism: Svyato-Pokrovskyi Friary, House of state industry (is the monument of world important architecture). The largest Ukrainian square –Liberty Square, which is the second largest square in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, is the real mecca of Kharkiv tourism, Kharkiv city visiting card is the Mirror Stream in the Victory Square, Blagovishchenskyi Cathedral, Uspenskyi Cathedral Belfry, Church of the Beheading of John the Baptist Head, Holdbergovska church, Holodnogorska prison, the former central prison, Barabashova(market), the Monument of Lovers and other not less interesting places, which attract the tourists to Kharkiv.
City Kharkiv Ukraine City Kharkiv Ukraine
    Also, in Kharkiv there are two monuments devoted to Ilf and Petrov – the characters of immortal 12 chairs- and to the Priest Fyodor and EllochkaLydozherka. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine Kharkiv without the monument to Ukrainian genius T. H. Shevchenko. This monument all the time attracts the tourists’ attention, as it is organically connected with the surrounding landscape of the garden named after T. H. Shevchenko and with local architectural ensemble. The façade of the monument is turned to the central trunk of Kharkiv – to the str. Sumska.
The zoo is also an interesting place in Kharciv, a lot of Kharkiv guests are attracted by the Horkoho Park.
In 1940 the first train from the children’s railway «Mala Pivdenna», it plied from Horkoho Park to the Forest Park. This railway is still working.
In general, Kharkiv is one of the leaders by the number of parks in Ukraine. The garden named after T. H. Shevchenko is the oldest among the other 27 parks and city gardens.
Kharkiv tourism Kharkiv tourism
The Police Museum is also rather interesting. There were only few similar museums in former USSR. 
The circus building, also attracts a lot of Kharkiv guests, it is built in contemporary architectural forms. 

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