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To people, who are interested about tourism in Donetsk, will be interesting to know that nowadays Donetsk is interesting by its theaters, philharmonic, planetarium, 29 museums and 500 libraries. 
Donetsk is one of the most attractive Ukrainian cities. The famous monuments of Donetsk are very interesting for tourism. Rather interesting in Donetsk is palm Martsalova – the most ancient and at the same time rather young symbol of Donetsk city. In 1896 Oleksii Martsalov manually forged from the single piece of rail the palm of the amazing beauty.
Donetsk tourism City Donetsk Ukraine
The original one decorates the Mining Institute in St. Petersburg and the copy of this masterpiece was set in Donetsk. The palm Martsalova is set in the building of regional museum and is the copy of the famous “Palm Martsalova”, which won the highest award “Gran Prix” at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. The copy was made in 1998 by the smith Serhii Kasprukov and was set in 1999. Palm Martsalova embodies the industrial prosperity of Ukraine, being one of the Donetsk symbols, it is included as a part of the region Donetsk emblem.
City Donetsk Ukraine Donetsk tourism
Not less interesting for tourism in Donetsk is the monument to A.B. Slovyanenko, which was the famous opera singer of Ukraine, was set in the building of Donetsk Academic Opera and Ballet named after A.B Slovyanenko, and was officially inaugurated on 31 of May, 2002. The initiator of the installation of this monument is foundation “Golden Scythian”. The monument-sculpture of singer is carried out in the concert costume if Duke from the opera “Rigoletto” on the round form pedestal, which is built around the cylinders that symbolize theater columns.

For travels, who are attracted by the history of Donetsk, it will be cognitive to visit in Donetsk the monument to John James Uz – the engineer of the English plant, further he become an entrepreneur, also he was the owner of the controlling stake in Novorossiysk joint-stock company, was the creator of Uzovskyi metallurgical plant (it is one of the biggest factories in Ukraine and till the end of the XIX century if was the only big plant in Ukraine). 

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