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It is believed that unlike to many others cities of Ukraine, there are nothing attractive in Dnepropetrovsk. Actually Dnepropetrovsk is one of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine and tourism is well-developed there. Dnepropetrovsk lies on both sides of Dnieper, in the heart of Ukraine, where the two halves of the country converge. The biggest railway and transport hub of the country that creates the most convenient conditions for tourism is located in Dnepropetrovsk.
City Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine City Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine
City Dnepropetrovsk was conceived as the third capital of the Russian Empire but it has not received such status and eventually became an ordinary provincial city. In the second part of the XIX century Dnepropetrovsk became the large industrial giant of Ukraine, it was closed for foreigners. In the XXI century Dnepropetrovsk again change, tourism actively begin to develop. Dnepropetrovsk, in general, is full of contrasts: old two-storied buildings and skyscrapers, combination of what is not combined. There are a lot of sightseeing and just beautiful places in Dnepropetrovsk. Usually, the thought that Dnepropetrovsk is not attractive exist because the city is perceived by everybody as the industrial center of Ukraine. Those, who decided to devote one day for tourism and detailed acquaintance with the city Dnepropetrovsk – change their mind.
Dnepropetrovsk tourism Dnepropetrovsk tourism
The honor of Dnepropetrovsk and its main monuments, which attracts tourists’ attention – is the Dnieper River. Dnepropetrovsk promenade is the longest in Europe – it stretches over 23km. along the right bank of the Dnieper. It is interesting that until the early 1960s’ Dnepropetrovsk as if was running away from the river: many factories, warehouses and small plants were located along the Dnieper, there almost was not place for recreation and tourism and the river was used only for freight.

Fountain-swan, was set in 2005 year, In Dnepropetrovsk Quay near the coast is unique because it change modes, “waving wings” and turning round. When it works with full power it throws the spray to the height of 50 meters that leaves the bright memories after visiting Dnepropetrovsk. 

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