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     Chernivtsi - one of the most picturesque cities in Ukraine. Tourism in Chernivtsi has amazing integrity, which is inherent in the cities that were formed in the recent past, due to the efforts of many generations of architects, who had skillfully embodied architectural tastes of the time.
     Town Chernivtsi is very beautiful and interesting for tourism in Ukraine. Chernivtsi has significant variations in terrain hight, which creates a variety of landscapes, which are disclosed in its continuous variability and uniqueness that contributes significantly to the development of tourism in Chernivtsi.
     In Chernivtsi, up from the Prut River line the old winding streets. Streets of Chernivtsi catch the attention of touriists. In Chernivtsi on a sloping hillside they form a dense street network, cut with broad highways, which lead to central square.
     In the center of the town stands the town hall, which is the most interesting place for tourism, it was built in 1843-1847. In terms of compositional plan the structure is traditional for the city halls: combined two shapes, horizontal (the building itself) and vertical (high tower).
     One of the most attractive for tourism in Chernivtsi is university, built during the years 1864-1882 and is one of the oldest in Ukraine.
Interesting for tourism is the fact that Chernivtsi - a city of shady streets, parks and alleys. The oldest is the Taras Shevchenko park .
     Another old city park, which is a tourism center in Chernovtsy, named after Yurii Fed’kovych. The resort is located on a hill, at the beginning of XX century. It was called Domnyk, and later, since 1888 - the Habsburg hill. In the past, here Olga Kobylyanskaya was strolling, who lived nearby, Ivan Franco and other famous citizens and guests of the city, and now the park contributes to the development of tourism in the city by sharing its incredible beauty.
    Tourism in Chernivtsi is interesting also because one of the main features of the city is tolerance. Different nationalities, religions, political beliefs never prevented citizens to live in harmony and understanding. Not accidentally motto "Viribus unitis" ("With united forces") from 1908 adorns the flag of Chernivtsi. For tourism in Chernivtsi unique is that each community traditionally had its national-cultural houses - elegant buildings in downtown. Every religious denomination built and maintained their temples that are now attracting great attention of tourism in Chernivtsi. Many years in this diversity of nations, cultures and religions created in Chernivtsi a unique kind of Europeans - a proud community that called itself chernivchany.
    Getting acquainted with national cultural houses, tourism in Chernivtsi provides insight into the architectural building of the historic center, because the route goes through downtown, including Theater Square, Central Square and Kobylyanska Street.

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