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The acquaintance with the past of Chernigov (Ukraine), is worth to be started from the Billow – this is the most ancient part of the city. Not by chance, exactly in this part of Chernigov the great number of historical buildings and museums, which attract the tourism in Chernigov, are concentrated. Among them, Spasskyi Cathedral takes the particular place; it is one of the most ancient from the extant in Ukraine. Interesting for tourism in Chernigov, also is the Borysohlibskyi Cathedral. Nowadays, this monument is appointed as a member of National Architecture and Historic reserve “Ancient Chernigov” and also acts as a museum. The cognitive information for Chernigov tourism is that the territory of the present-day Billow was the biggest fortified part of the city Chernigov, for a long time. In side of the fortress it was more secure than outside of it that is why a lot of churches administrative buildings, houses and markets, even cemeteries are placed there. The Archbishop’s Palace, built in 1780, is extant till present-days (the state regional archive is located there now). 
City Chernigov Ukraine City Chernigov Ukraine
12 cannons, which are set hear in the beginning of the XX century, are one of the most famous monuments of the Billow. Opposite to the ancient guns, one of the most beautiful churches of Ukraine stands – Catherinska church, which is one of the most popular tourism centers in Chernigov. It is the first building, which meets those, who come to our city by Kiev highway. It is considered to be the visiting card of Chernigov. The St. Catherina’s church was built in 1715 by the general chief of the Cossack army – JakovJukhymovychLyzogub, in memory of his grandfather, was the Chernigov colonel – JakovLyzogub, and to his military colleagues, who were distinguished in 1696, during the capture of the Turkish Azov fortress. Nowadays, the exhibition of folk decorative Ukrainian art of the regional museum named after V.V. Tarnovskyi is located there.
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The Red Square is also interesting for Chernigov tours. There are two architectural ensembles in Chernigov, which become the popular place of tourism there a long time ago. These are Yeletskyi and Troitsko-Illinskyi monasteries. Their origin is traditional connected with the name of St. AntonyiPecherskyi, who is the Ruthenium father of monasticism. Today these two temples define the historical panorama of Chernigov. They are well seen both from the side of Desna flood plain and from the Dytynets. 

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