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   The city in Ukraine, like its people have their childhood, their age, their own wisdom. More than seven centuries swept over Cherkasy, which is located on Dnipro hills in Ukraine. But, admiring the broad, straight, like arrows, streets, buried in lush greenery, encouraging the development of tourism, who will name Cherkasy old?
    Picturesque city Cherkasy stretches in Ukraine on the right bank of river Dnipro. Date of establishment refers to the 80's of XIII century.
Tourism in Cherkasy is popular thanks to its long history. About Cherkasy tells folk legend recorded in Ukraine in the XVI century. In 1282, the Tatar baskak of Kursk origin called Circassian of Beshtau or Pyatygorsk, they populated settlements under the name of the Cossacks. Here they had built township or decent fort and named it Cherkasy, because the vast majority of them were Circassians in origin, as about their settlement in Kursk was said.
    The first Cossacks, immigrants from Kursk, have long disappeared, they dissolved, assimilated, but the first name of Cherkasy remained, encouraging by the old history tourism in Cherkasy. So, Cherkasy was the name and heritage common to all who lived aroundthe city, which later became the capital of the Cossack settlements.
Now Cherkasy - outstanding administrative, cultural, industrial center and popular tourist destination. Cherkasy has a population of about 300 thousand people.
    Interesting for tourism in Cherkasy the system of streets and squares of the old town is one of the few monuments in Ukraine - urban art of the early XIX century. General building plan was designed by V. Geste in 1815 and involved  broad,  long streets, crossing at right angles, making tourism in Cherkasy attractsive to thousands guests, because this way the streets of ancient Rome were built. Visitors note that the city is full of greenery.


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